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Take your drug discovery and HCS to the next level with advanced image analysis, AI and seamless data management.

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Microscopy image analysis experts

Today’s forefront of drug discovery is empowered by high quality and structured data. TK Analytics helps you manage your imaging data flow, analyze and organize it, and make it accessible when needed.


We develop image analysis pipelines and manage your data


We enrich your data with predictions and public or private datasets


We build self-service data applications for your scientists


We develop advanced AI analysis algorithms


Imaging datasets are extremely rich with data. Besides routine analyses we also look for new paths in image and data analysis to get more insights into biology. Hint: we’re good friends with AI.


We are scientists building data applications for scientists, so you can process and visualize your data with a click of a mouse.


Your datasets, organized, searchable and enriched with public or private databases and AI predictions. That’s how we supercharge phenotypic screening in drug discovery.

Latest News

CellusAI: Our AI platform for cell painting

We're proud to announce CellusAI, our artificial intelligence powered segmentation, phenotyping, and prediction of molecular bioactivity and toxicity from cell painting images. CellusAI is our machine learning platform for analysis of cell painting images, providing a...

AI in Phenotypic Profiling: Pioneering Early-Stage Drug Discovery through High-Throughput Image Analysis

In the realm of early-stage drug discovery, the quest to understand the intricate interplay between genes and observable traits, known as phenotypes, is pivotal. This understanding holds the key to discovering new therapeutic avenues and revolutionizing the treatment...

CellusAI to be Showcased at SLAS2024’s Innovation AveNEW

With our groundbreaking AI product, CellusAI, TK Analytics has been handpicked as an Innovation AveNEW company for the upcoming SLAS2024 International Conference and Exhibition in Boston, MA. This acceptance isn’t just an honor for us—it's a testament to the potential...

TK Analytics at the CytoData 2023 Symposium and Hackathon

CytoData symposium and hackathon brings together researchers interested in image-based profiling of biological phenotypes. The symposium including workshops, presentations and a poster session, followed by a hackathon for developers during the last two days of the...

Our Clients

We are solving the most complex data science challenges in life sciences and drug discovery

Our clients are discovering new treatments, developing diagnostics or investigating the unknown in biology. We are supporting them in their efforts to get more knowledge from their imaging. We help them develop new drugs and treatments faster and enable them to look for opportunities to cure the most threatening diseases.

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