Revolutionizing Drug Discovery with Advanced Cell Painting Analysis

Introducing CellusAI – our ground-breaking AI platform purpose-built to refine and accelerate drug discovery processes utilizing the depth of information embedded in cell painting images. CellusAI facilitates immaculate image segmentation, precise profile extraction, and streamlined downstream processing, bolstering predictions of bioactivity, mechanism of action, and toxicity.


Advanced Analyses and Precision Results

CellusAI stands out with its state-of-the-art AI-driven tools tailored specifically for cell painting. It not only offers seamless image segmentation and profile extraction, but also dives deep into subsequent processing to predict molecular bioactivity, mechanism of action, and toxicity.

Our approach showcases an impressive performance boost when compared with traditional systems. For instance, CellusAI’s mechanism of action predictions and feature extraction surpass those of legacy methods, with data indicating more informative results and better prediction capabilities in downstream analyses.


Pioneering New Molecule Generation

One of the most groundbreaking features on the CellusAI roadmap is the New Molecule Generative AI module, which utilizes AI to generate chemical structures that are predicted to induce specific cell painting profiles.

This is not just about exploring new molecules; it’s about generating previously untested or non-patented chemical entities. Along with creation, this module will also evaluate various molecular properties, assessing feasibility of synthesis, the potential to cross the blood-brain-barrier, and even estimating toxicity levels.

It’s a revolutionary step towards creating new assets in the field of drug discovery.

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