Reflecting on SLAS 2024: Insights and Innovations from TK Analytics

Feb 22, 2024 | Event

TK Analytics marked its presence at the SLAS 2024 conference in Boston with a focused exhibition on AI-based phenotypic screening, demonstrating our leadership in this innovative area. Our team engaged in meaningful discussions with industry peers, sharing insights and exploring the latest trends in laboratory automation and screening.

Our participation in the Innovation AveNEW showcased our commitment to advancing the field of drug discovery. Here, we presented our latest research and technological advancements, highlighting our AI-driven approaches to phenotypic screening that are setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in identifying therapeutic targets.

The conference served as an invaluable platform for connecting with a wide array of professionals, from entrepreneurs to potential clients. These interactions provided us with a deeper understanding of the industry’s needs and the challenges currently faced, enabling us to tailor our offerings more effectively.

Above: Tilen and Filip holding the fort at our SLAS 2024 booth.


Educational sessions formed a core part of our SLAS 2024 experience, offering insights from leading experts in the field. The variety of panels, presentations, and research papers presented challenged our team to think critically and adapt our strategies based on the latest scientific findings and methodologies.

Reflecting on SLAS 2024, we are energized by the knowledge acquired and the new connections made. We encourage others to share their experiences and insights from the conference. Engaging in this ongoing conversation will help us all to push the boundaries of what’s possible in drug discovery.

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As we build on the momentum from SLAS 2024, TK Analytics is dedicated to leading the charge in transforming drug discovery through AI and phenotypic screening, proving the power of technology to solve some of the most complex challenges in the life sciences.